Edline Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Edline Activation Code?
To keep your Edline Account information secure, your new Edline account is protected by an "activation code" until you log in for the first time and select your own screen name and password.

How do I get to the Edline website?
To open Edline, go to www.edline.net or from our school website, select Student Log In from the Edline tab under Students.

How do I use my Activation Code to set up an Edline Account?
When you first go into Edline, select "Click here if you have a new activation code" under "Activate an Account". Enter your Student Activation Code in the "Activation Code" field. Press Enter.

Your name will appear below. Press "Activate This Code". Edline's "Privacy Policy and Terms of Use" will display. Click "I agree".

Follow the remaining steps to create your Edline Screen Name and Password. 

Remember to enter your email (optional), since teachers will frequently use Edline's Email feature to communicate with you. If you forget to enter your email during the activation process, you can enter your email after you successfully activate your account by selecting "My Account" and "Manage Account" from the left hand side of your Edline Home Page.

On the last activation page, there are Student/Parent Quick Start Guides.  Click "Done" (top of screen) at this point, since you can easily use Edline's User-Friendly "Help" link at any time to read or print the guide to take full advantage of Edline's features