Daily Lunch Menus

Our glatt kosher and Cholov Yisrael ParentsLunchMenuslunch program features nutritious food choices, and is an option for families to purchase for their children.  

Click here for lunch program information, effective August, 2014.  
For a tutorial on how to use the Meal Payment and Pre-ordering system, click the link below:   
Meal Payment and Pre-Ordering System Tutorial     
    December Lunch Menu - ECE and Kindergarten   
    December Lunch Menu - Grades 1 - 12   
    November Lunch Menu - ECE and Kindergarten    
    November Lunch Menu - Grades 1 - 12   
    Meal Payment System: TangerineSchools.com
Please make checks payable to the J Cafe Group; Checks made out to the Hebrew Academy will no longer be accepted.