An Encompassing Vision

The vision of the Hebrew Academy is to inspire and equip students ExploreUsVision to achieve their greatest potential academically and spiritually by focusing on their individual attributes and instilling eternal Torah values in a changing world.

A student’s first day of class.  What will she learn—not just about mathematics or grammar, but about her world, her faith, her heritage, herself?

Unlike many other Jewish day schools, we place equal emphasis on excellence in both American college preparatory curriculum and traditional Judaic religious instruction.  Children receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for their own individual paths in life—whether that means a secular or religious career, the Ivy League or a community college, a yeshiva or a seminary.

We are an Orthodox Jewish day school, and accommodating of varied levels of religious observance.  Everyone who is Jewish, according to the standards of the Chief Israeli Rabbinate, is welcome.  Orthodox traditions such as gender separation enhance the learning process as many public and college preparatory schools have already recognized.

Students learn critical leadership skills in our diverse student population, and when necessary, receive help in an atmosphere of compassion and caring.  Bit by bit, almost without realizing it, everyone learns an important lesson: that we are all one people, each responsible for the other, and for the whole.  

   1. We promote a love of Torah, Israel, and Learning.  
   2. We offer the highest standard of Judaic and General Studies Education.  
   3. We have staff members who are role models.  
   4. We maximize every student's potential.  
   5. We teach children how to learn.  
   6. We imbue within the students a strong moral character.  
   7. Hebrew Academy is a happy and fun place to be.  
   8. We offer an integrated education that is practical and fosters critical and creative thinking.  
   9. We are committed to community service, to America and its democratic heritage.