Counseling and Resources

Guidance Department

The Guidance Department provides social, academic, yeshiva and college placement counseling to its students, as well as internships, testing services, and tutoring services.

Hebrew Academy Guidance Department:

    Mrs. Sue Enis
    Director of College Counseling 
    2425 Pine Tree Drive 
    Miami Beach, FL  33140
    305-532-6421 ext. 220
    Dr. Dara Lieber
    High School Assistant Principal/Guidance Counselor 
    2425 Pine Tree Drive 
    Miami Beach, FL  33140 
    305-532-6421 ext. 217
    Mr. Isaac Sochaczewski
    Counselor Pre-K through Grade 12 
    2400 Pine Tree Drive 
    Miami Beach, FL  33140
    305-532-6421 ext. 136  
    Ms. Jill Berman
    Learning Specialist/Resource Coordinator 
    2400 Pine Tree Drive 
    Miami Beach, FL  33140
    305-532-6421 ext. 111

Academic Support

The Hebrew Academy proudly offers support services for students in an effort to help each learner meet his/her fullest potential. ESOL assists speakers of foreign languages acquire English skills; Title One aids students working below grade level in language arts and math; and Mechina introduces Judaic studies and Hebrew reading, writing and conversation to those who have not had the opportunity to learn Hebrew previously.  Perhaps the best resource is our faculty.  It is not unusual to see faculty members working with students before and after school or during lunch to help their students achieve success in the classroom.

Technology Resources

The wise use of advanced technologies enhances everything from the study of Torah texts to a deeper understanding of the latest scientific discoveries.  Our ever–expanding technological resources include up-to-date computer labs, SMART Boards, virtual video learning links to other educational institutions, state-of-the-art equipment in our multiple science laboratories, and more.

Library/Media Center Resources

Our two Library/Media Centers are fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and not only meet but far exceed the number of books per student, the scope of the collection, and the quality standards required by that organization.  Students acquire ever increasing research skills necessary for success.