Modern knowledge in a timeless Torah context

They will live in a world of science AcademicsOverview and technology, of finance and investments, of literature and art, of conflicting opinions, beliefs, cultures, and nations.  Each will have to make a living in that world, and find meaning in life through Torah.

Will they be ready?  Parents sometimes wonder whether their son or daughter can get a quality college preparatory education at a school that places so much emphasis on Judaic learning.  Perhaps the best answer would come from our graduates who have been accepted into the Ivy League and other top colleges and universities.

The importance of an American education for Jews living in a modern, technologically advanced, multicultural society cannot be overstated.  That is why we put so many resources into curriculum, faculty training, and technology.

Judaic connections are highlighted even in general studies classes, in ways that maintain the distinction and relationship between facts and values, knowledge and wisdom.  Students are actively encouraged to ask hard questions about science and faith, for it is in such intellectual fires that strong character and understanding are forged, and faith, reason, and commitment become joined.

Eternal wisdom for a changing world

Will his Judaism lie in a book on his coffee table, or in his heart and mind?  Will a Chumash be a mere decoration, or will it be a practical tool, a guiding light, a wise advisor, and a constant companion?

Judaism, as taught at the Hebrew Academy, is not a collection of subjects, it is a way of life that influences both the way we think and the way we act and speak.  As a Jewish day school, our role is to teach the principles and practices of Judaism to our students with love, sensitivity, and thoroughness.  We integrate wisdom of the Torah and the Talmud into today’s “real” world of society, family, business, government, and world affairs.

In the process, our students discover just how relevant Torah teachings are to a meaningful life.  Many alumni say that the critical thinking skills they learned analyzing religious texts at the Hebrew Academy later proved priceless in the wide range of careers they pursue.

As they learn the eternal truths of the Torah, we encourage our students to take full advantage of modern technology, realizing how much it can enhance traditional learning practices when used with care and sensitivity.